A successful enterprise should live up to its corporate and social responsibility by participating in community activities which give something back to society. Funding charitable activities, participating in environmental protection programs, exchanging of experiences with the community, are all part of this process. SEA Group over its history has as part of its culture pursued charitable endeavors and community contributions in Hong Kong and the Mainland, and is committed to good corporate citizenship and development of our community. 


The SEA Group highly values the well-being and betterment of its staff. We believe in the need for employees to equip themselves with the required skills and know-how to meet the rapid changes in the market, and emphasize staff training by operating well-rounded education programs so that employees can enhance their knowledge and explore their own potential in order to meet new challenges. It also provides subsidies to encourage and sponsor staff for attending various kinds of courses to enhance their knowledge base. 

In order to maintain closer ties between the Management and employees and foster a greater sense of solidarity and belonging, the Group regularly organizes a host of activities – such as overseas travels, summer camps and networking gatherings. The Group’s emphasis is on pursuing a culture that encourages every employee to develop their skill sets and feel that they are part of a team, so that each employee participates in the growth of the Group.

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