Past Development

SEA Group has an established reputation in Hong Kong as property developer and investor of quality buildings be it residential, commercial, hotel or industrial properties, Over its history SEA is one of the few Hong Kong companies that has expanded it's reach internationally to China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia and deals with all types of property assets from golf courses to state of the art office buildings and both developing these assets overseas as well as buying existing investment portfolios.

Hong Kong China Australia New Zealand Others
Residential Office Industrial Mixed-use project  


Project Title Location
Westmin Plaza Guangzhou
Lloyds Building Guangzhou


Project Title Location
Plaza Central Chengdu
New Century Plaza Chengdu
Office Section - Westmin Plaza Guangzhou


Project Title Location
18 Ban Ting Road, Song Jiang District, Shanghai Shanghai


Mixed-use project
Project Title Location
Nova City Kaifeng
Huangshan Project Huangshan
Longquan Project Chengdu
The Redbud City Hunan
Nanjing Project Nanjing