Corporate Milestones

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The present Chief Executive Mr. Lambert Lu joined the Group.

The Group acquired 46.3% stake in the "Global Property Fund", and later took over the management of the Fund.


"Trans Tasman Properties Limited" spun off its Australian property arm, "Australian Growth Properties Limited", for a separate listing on the Australian Stock Exchange on 18 May 1997.


"SEABIL New Zealand Limited" was merged with "Tasman Properties Limited" (formerly called "Robt. Jones Investments Limited") to form "Trans Tasman Properties Limited" (TTPL). TTPL continued to be listed on the New Zealand stock exchange, and became the flagship property investment arm of the Group in Australia and New Zealand.


Listing of "SEABIL New Zealand Limited" (SEABIL) on the New Zealand Stock Exchange on 30th of June 1994.


The Group acquired a controlling stake in "Unison Knitting Factory Limited" (HKSE code 272) and expanded into garment manufacturing and trading.

The office building at 108 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong, now known as "Everbright Centre", was completed. It housed the headquarters of the SEA Group.

SEA Group Headquarter

Construction of the joint development property Gardenview Heights at 19 Tai Hang Drive, Hong Kong was completed in 1991 and the residential units were quickly sold out.

Gardenview Heights

The Group entered into property development projects and cement production business in Mainland China.

The Group formed joint venture with Brierley Investment Limited to form SEABIL Pacific Limited, a property investment company in New Zealand.

A joint venture was set up for property development in Jakarta, Indonesia.