In committing to our responsibility as a good corporate citizen, the Group crosses borders and boundaries to whole-heartedly participate in a variety of charitable and educational activities and programs in Hong Kong and Mainland China, from caring for the weak and the elderly as well as offering education and helping the needs through different channels in order to promote social harmony and healthy family life.

Encouraging employees of all levels to participate and contribute to society

For many years, the Group has taken part in many Community Chest fund-raising activities, including "Celebrations for the Chest", "Dance for Charity" and "The Community Chest Charity Golf Day." Employees of all levels are encouraged to participate in "Dress Special Day" and give joy and support to those in need by making donations to the Community Chest.

Sponsoring The Community Chest Charity Golf Day for 13 consecutive years

The Group sponsored The Community Chest Charity Golf Day for 13 consecutive years, sponsoring mental health services provided by The Community Chest’s member agencies.


Sponsoring the Child Development Centre for 5 consecutive years

Founded in 1976, the Child Development Centre is a non-profit charitable organization, providing differentiated education to children with special needs. The Group has sponsored the organization for 5 consecutive years.


The Forest Hills participated in World Vision's Used Book Recycling Campaign 2010

Residents of The Forest Hills were encouraged to participate in World Vision's Used Book Recycling Campaign 2010 by donating their books for sale and purchasing used books to share the joy of reading. World Vision spent the sale proceeds on rebuilding the education building of Yi Jun County 2nd Secondary School in Shaanxi province, which offered a safe and secure study environment for over 1,000 students.

The Group's Residential Properties took part in Oxfam Rice Sale and raised funds for the poverty in Mainland China

Residents of the Group's various residential properties were invited to purchase Oxfam Rice packs and support Oxfam's annual Rice Sale. All proceeds from the sale were used to support various emergency rescues works in various integrated development projects in Mainland China. Oxfam allocated more than HK$364 million for more than 1,600 poverty helping and emergency rescue projects in 28 provinces/regions. These projects include education and training, micro-credit, the provision of basic facilities, research and proposal, public education and capacity-building, and other activities in rural and urban areas.

Donation of supplies to help the reconstruction works after the 512 Sichuan's Wenchuan earthquake

The Group donated supplies to China's Central Government for helping the reconstruction works after the devastating earthquake in Sichuan, putting efforts on the victims and preventing similar damage in the future.

Sponsoring the Halloween Charity Parade 2009 to benefit cancer patients

The number of participants for the 2009 Halloween Charity Parade reached historical height. The event, which benefits Hong Kong Cancer Fund Hotline, received support from the Social Welfare Department's Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged for the first time, which offered equivalent fund sponsors to donations made by business organizations. Under the cooperation of various partners, the Parade was a resounding success. Not only did it raise money for the Hong Kong Cancer Fund, the Charity Parade also raised attention among Hong Kong people towards supporting services for those suffering from cancer.

Sponsoring CyberRun for Rehab 2008 to benefit The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation

The CyberRun for Rehab was a charity event organized by The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation and the Cyberport Tenants Club. First started in 2004, this event, which raised funds for The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, was both meaningful and healthy. Donations for the event went towards supporting rehabilitation programs for people with disabilities and chronic disease in rural and urban China as well as Hong Kong. In addition to helping those with disabilities overcome their impairments and rebuild their lives, the CyberRun for Rehab also raised awareness among the general public on the need for healthy living.

Joined in the "Celebrations for the Chest" campaign for SEA Group's 50th Anniversary celebrations

The Group has always been active in our efforts to contribute to society, and has organized and responded to various fund-raising activities with great enthusiasm. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the company's establishment, we donated HK$2.88 million (partly from guest's gifts monies and gifts) to the Community Chest in order to share our joy with those in need and express our most sincere concern and blessings.