About Us

Corporate Profile
SEA Group was founded in Hong Kong in 1956, which went public in 1973. In 1989, S E A Holdings Limited, a company incorporated in Bermuda, became the listed and holding company of the Group (Stock Code: 251), listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The Group has since become an international property conglomerate with diversified businesses over Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Australia and other countries.

Over its long history SEA Group has witnessed the economic turbulence and social upheavals in Hong Kong and the world, caused by the stock market crash in the 1970s, the confidence crisis in the 1980s, the Asian Financial Crisis in the 1990s, the SARS epidemic, as well as the global financial tsunami in 2000s and the European debt crisis in 2010s. Throughout the years, the Group had weathered these storms with equanimity and managed to learn and grow steadily, relying on its wealth of experience in the property business and its flexibility.

The SEA Group's professional management team, stable financial position, quality corporate governance and adherence to its philosophy of "Building with the Times" will allow it to rise above its competitors and will allow it to grasp continuing investment as they arise and move with steady growth in Hong Kong and global market